Nezemnyy Eksperimental’nyy Kompleks

NASA’s Human Research Program partners with Russia’s Institute for Biomedical Problems Ground-based Experimental Complex (NEK) to conduct a series of analog missions referred to as "SIRIUS (Scientific International Research In a Unique terrestrial Station)“ in Moscow, Russia. The NEK is a unique, multi-compartment facility used as an analog for isolation, confinement, and remote conditions in exploration scenarios. These simulated missions may last anywhere from months to up to 1 year based on the specific studies. NASA is seeking healthy subjects to participate in these missions to learn about the physiological and psychological effects of isolation and confinement on humans to help prepare for missions to the Moon and on to Mars. For more information continue reading the information on this website to learn more about these long duration missions and if interested, submit the application for consideration as a potential SIRIUS mission crew member.

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Be advised, this is a website for recruiting test subjects.